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About Us

We Are 501(c)(4) Non Profit and Non Partisan.

Our purpose is to improve the well-being of our entire society, by accountability, reducing abuse, rewarding abuse finders, and having these changes assist and help those that need it/and reduce in the future those that could’ve been abused, and more… State amendments, State and Federal Legislators is our first 2 paths of change.

This is not about 1 person, this is not about 1 political party, this is about all of us, who truly care about curbing the abuse of the powerful corporations, and also stomping on the over reach of the government, against us citizen/consumers. They have been harming us, stealing from us, and both party politicians have brutally failed us. We are the citizens of the United States of America, and we are about to crush and stomp the abuse out/and figuratively blast punish viciously, those that decide to continue to abuse us, in ways never ever seen before.

Yes, we all have partisan ideologies. Leave your partisan Ideologies out of this movement. Our goal is bigger than anyone’s partisan ideology, because the real importance is the Middle/The Common Ground/what we all connect with, universally to know to be honorable/correct/ and, which connects us all. We must work together to separate the overreach of the corrupt.

The real power of change is in the middle, but we need the middle, and also the right, and left, so all sides can come together, for enacting these amendments/pieces of legislation. If the abusers cannot divide us on these issues, the abusers will get destroyed, and we will be victorious. This movement will change everything in politics.

We understand that National Amendments are almost impossible to get passed. We understand that State Amendments, sometimes have single item requirements, or where judges may say it over reaches the rights of business or government, and whereby a lot of amendments, are stricken/vacated at the ballot box, and thus can possibly prevent us from voting on certain pieces of our legislation. While these 2 options certainly remain, the fastest way is for politicians to enact these proposed pieces of legislation into law. Our goal is to peacefully reach out to the candidates/politely (all parties/all candidates/Federal and also each State Congress), demand an answer on if they will pledge their support/subject to, the “Candidate Pledge” of this website (see this pledge in another tab), post next to their name on our website “vote against” for those avoiding, unwilling, and or supporting the “lessor” number of proposed legislations. The pledge requires follow up/see the video/upon a politicians failure to honor their pledge, we will then put the word “TRAITOR” next to their name/and ask that everyone vote against this person, forever. If they do honor their pledge fully, we will put the 2 words “Honorable Politician” next to their name. Our 2nd goal and commitment, is to get as many of our friends and family to commit, to vote against, any politician that does not make a pledge of support (subject to the pledge on this website), and to peacefully force answers out of them/and, get the (abusing corporate and government) sell out candidates/incumbents, into the beautiful path, of losing the election. Figuratively a hard kick in their ass – buh bye!

So, save the arguing and debating – for outside of this movement.

Arguing is the poison that the corrupt people, and abusive people, want to be fed into this movement, for the intent to destroy it. NEVER FORGET THIS, PLEASE.

This next part has to be brought out into the open, or the corrupt forces will try to turn supporters of this movement against each other.

About the Founder

This movement was founded by me Sam Sky. I am a consumer advocate, I personally wrote these pieces of legislation, and I am a person who is hypersensitive to the abuse of power. While the following does not matter – it must be presented with transparency.

I am a long standing member of the Democrat party, but over the last 12 years I have voted for plenty of Republicans see below.

Votes and beliefs by Sam Sky

  • Democrat – Voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 – primarily it was a vote against the Banks, Insurance companies, and Credit Bureaus, and also that McCain and Romney, who may have been nice, and helpful in many small ways, to many people, they, in my opinion, over all, were fake do nothing politicians.
  • Democrat – Voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Primary – Bernie is super honest, consistent, does not take big corporation donations, although he has been ineffective for 30 plus years.
  • Republican – Voted for Donald Trump in 2016 – primarily it was to bring manufacturing jobs back, and reduce the massive number of illegal immigrants, and Hillary created a charity to make herself rich, she supported horrible trade deals, and accomplished nothing great in her entire government career.
  • Republican – Voted for Florida Governor Rick Scott and then voted against his crooked corrupt sleazy ass (he settled lawsuits whereby he repeated having his staff create fake email accounts, to avoid FOIA/public records requests, so that he apparently could conduct business to help his cronies get wealthier. He settled these lawsuit cases for mega money, one of the last settlements was over $750,000 – but this expense was actually paid by who? Rick Scott? Uhmmmm, Nope! Paid by you and me, the tax payers. Rick Scott owes Florida tax payers millions of $$$.
  • Democrat – Voted for Bill Nelson for U.S Senate – primarily for Florida’s environment, and for the reasons above regarding corrupt sleazy Rick Scott.
  • Democrat – Voted for Bill Murphy for U.S Senate – primarily for Florida’s environment and because previously Marco “Lazy Do Nothing” Rubio, had missed more U.S Senate Votes and was absent for more U.S Senate sessions, than any other U.S Senator before him, in over 60 years. Marco Rubio owes Florida Residents a lot of money.
  • Republican – Voted for Florida Governor Ron Desantis – primarily because his opponent was a proponent of massive tax, and massive spend, and also was totally fiscally incompetent. Additionally, Desantis is a friend to the people on environment, cracking down on illegal lobbyist favors, and attracting businesses to Florida.

Again, this had to be revealed. Whether you disagree, or agree, or kind of agree with Sam Sky’s past voting history – it is all irrelevant. Don’t sweat the petty stuff. The stuff that counts, are us all fighting viciously, and tenaciously, together, for the passing of these middle ground, and mutually supportive amendments/proposed legislations.

While I ask everyone to get involved, the most power, is in the (estimated) 35% of the people/the middle/, who are most open minded to stand against corruption from either party – and, who will vote out/vote against, any bad candidate on either side/either political party. The (estimated) 65% that are purely partisan people, we need your help too, and we know that you will only possibly vote out a candidate in your party, in the primary election/but not the general election. Look, your help is also vital to our cause, we are all Americans. Every piece of help is super huge. Some people may not like that I am a split party voter, or that I am super blunt, and or, that I do not care if I offend the famous, rich, powerful, and also everyday people who support the abusers/regardless, of how they mask, their weak fake argument. Again, this cause helps us all, and will bring us virtually all of us closer together. Join us. You have an open invitation no matter where you stand politically. I ask for your help to, viciously, kick and beat down, the powerful and abusive corrupt “actions”, committed by so many. I love you and I thank you, Sam Sky

***FIGURE IT THIS WAY – IF WE CROSS PARTY LINES – THE NEXT SET OF POLITICIANS, WILL BE SO HEAVILY PRESSURED/AND FORCED, TO MAKE THE PLEDGE AND KEEP IT – THEN, WE ALL WIN!!! (Having the other party win, for just 1 mere election, is nothing, compared to the greatness that we all can achieve).

P.S. If Marco Rubio gives 3 years of salary back to the taxpayers, all is forgiven. If Rick Scott gives $10 million back to the tax payers then all is forgiven. Do they really care about the people, or themselves?

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