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Volunteers and Volunteering

This movement requires togetherness and help. We appreciate and need all types of volunteers and support. If nothing else, I would take it as a personal favor if you would today, please call/or text/or both, 7, or more, of your friends and tell them to visit this website –please follow through with them tomorrow, to see if they did. Please also email (in a group or separately, 20 or more people about this website. Please make at least 1 post on social media about this website. If you did all this, please email me at and let me know. Thank you, Sam

Donating Time, Manual Help, Product Help, and Manual Services

What we need:

Individuals, businesses, Non-Profits, Networking groups, Media, and more.

Affadavit PDF

Affadavit PDF


  • Volunteers to help gather all the candidate email and or phone numbers, place them into excel spread sheets, for each State (for both the State and Federal Congresses). See more on politician page
  • Volunteers needed to make the calls and emails to candidates/document all communication attempts/send us the affidavit with the results (we can redact your name/or give you full credit), and, we will post the results on our website and acknowledge the Pledge, or lack thereof, by the candidate. See more on politician page
  • Volunteers needed to assist us for our future planned trips, paid for by our sponsors/donators, and we need (you please) people to assist us with cameras/video/audio/when we go to State capitals and Washington D,C to visit candidates/politicians/, to confront on video/audio/the politicians who have failed to respond/refused to pledge, and, then post these videos of our trip and interactions, with these candidates/politicians, on our website.
  • Volunteers needed for gathering signatures for State petitions, once we are approved in each state to gather signatures to get our legislation on the ballot as a State Amendment.
  • Volunteers are needed to help all aspects of fundraising events (creating them in your area, getting a 3 or 4 person committee for the event, getting participants for the event, communicating with the participants to collect pledges for the event, and promoting the event to friends, families, co-workers, clubs, meeting groups, etc… also, go to our fundraising page for much more info: See more on fundraising page:
  • Volunteers to help set up, our upcoming soon, promotional product store, or those that want to give any SEO help to our I.T team, post craigslist notices, and more.


Attorneys in each State are needed, to get our Non-Profit State “registered as required, to propose a State amendment” , for that particular State, then, to have petition forms legally created, reviewed, to later be filled out and submitted, and approved. Also legal reviews of all amendment wording, making necessary verbiage changes, and providing a strong legal defense representation, when haters challenge these amendments/blocking/from appearing on the ballot in court, by the corrupt and abusive lobbyists and or special interests.

We eventually may need office rental space in every large city, phones, printers, computers, web designers/social media experts, affiliate marketing experts, area printers for flyers, rack cards/ CPA’s, Promotional Marketing Product people, and more.

Film makers, big names, and Philanthropists to help purchase media advertising and star in our campaign commercials/promotions. We would like Democrats and Republicans in the same commercials – hugging it out if possible, and threatening to continue the non-agreeable fighting later on.

Businesses, Non-Profits, Networking groups, media, and more.

Whether it be by spreading the word, sponsoring fundraisers, creating Fundraisers, constructive criticism, submitting new ideas for more proposed legislations, we want to help you, help us, so we can help the people of this country. Please reach out to us, let’s create greatness for this country together.

Please submit your info below, and let us know how you would like to help.

Name/email/comment on your volunteering choices/thank you so much.

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