Register, Donate or Volunteer & make a difference!


For any club, school, or organization that wants to do a fundraiser, you will get support and effort by us, to make that happen. If your group successfully brings in $12,000 or more, from their donated event (multiple clubs/schools/chapters that team up together, will get an overall cumulative reduction to qualify), Sam Sky, will personally fly out there to your location to meet you and your group, he will also do a minimum 60 minute, speech and Q &A session (typically 30 minutes and 30 minutes), and spend a minimum of a couple of hours, socializing afterwards. Our office will also notify the local media.

Keep in mind:

If you and your participants, are doing an event in a league that you belong to, (such as a golf league, not everyone else can play golf, or is always willing to participate in a golf fundraising event). 5k walk, 15 mile bicycle ride, bowling, softball, are typically the most popular type of events for generating participants. Having at least 20 participants or more, with a goal for each person of $1,000 in total pledges, is the basic norm.

We are here to assist you and your group, if you have set up a fundraising event. If you have a 4 person committee or more already established, include us in your group email with all parties, and we will be delighted to answer your questions and assist you.

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