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Mission, Purpose and Tactics of Operation

By all legal means, by way of friends, volunteers, employees, media, organizations, famous people, wealthy people, poor people, the middle class, and through all of our circles of leverage, to peacefully and legally and aggressively and politely, force every legislator and candidate to declare their support for these pieces of legislation (subject to the principles of the Candidate Pledge) – promising, to put these pieces of legislation in the hands of the Senate Majority Leader/House speaker and asking them to put this up for a vote immediately/as their 1st priority. Also, to hold a press conference, 30 days after submitting this to the Congressional Leader/ Senate Majority Leader/House Speaker, if the vote was withheld, and to demand answers for the people. We start this journey contacting every legislator/State and Federal/our paid staff and volunteers (see volunteer tab), will email and or call each incumbent and candidate/a minimum of 7 times/with 2 days apart or longer in between each attempt/,over a 45 day period, then, waiting an additional 14 days after the last contact attempt, to get an answer of support. Based on their reply/avoidance/partial support, we will either ask you to vote out this candidate or acknowledge their pledge of support, subject to the candidate pledge on this website.


WE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE THE CANDIDATE THAT SUPPORTS ALL – OR MORE THAN THE OTHER CANDIDATE OF THESE AMENDMENTS. CANDIDATES CAN MAKE THIS PLEDGE VIA OUR WEBSITE/BY WAY OF A SIGNED PLEDGE, or by, which can be acknowledged fully on social media, so long as they mention the candidate pledge is subject to this website…or, it is an invalid pledge.

These pieces of proposed legislation take away many powers of corrupt politicians, and abusive governmental officials. From term limits, to campaign contribution reform, to better police accountability, to fixing big corporate industry, Big Pharma, Slaughter Houses that TORTURE ANIMALS, Banks that bully and charge usury type interest rates, stripping Judges and prosecutors in rare cases of their qualified immunity, and of course – easier ability and way, way, more options for Whistleblowers to be eligible for reward money that expose – other lazy or corrupt government workers, to the general public scamming faking disability and or other welfare, scammers that even illegally park in handicap spaces, to even those people that fake medical disability, and so, so much more.

As we mentioned – worth mentioning again – and worth mentioning again and again, we will also legally demand that any politician running sign a pledge and declare which amendments that they fully support/or do not support/ with “SPECIFICITY” as to each # as listed on our website. We will hold all Federally and State elected politicians and political candidates, fully accountable to our amendments/OR, we will fully support voting them out in the primaries and or general elections…regardless, of political party – and we ask everyone to cross party lines. If a member of your party will not fully support these amendments, we ask that you vote them out.

We ask an extremely tall order from the middle voters (and a taller order from partisan voters). We ask that you vote with us – the politician that pledges and declares support for all, or more amendments than their opponent – both in the Primary Election and the General Election. That is right – we ask you to join us to cross party lines.

Politics will go nowhere if we do not band together, to fight the corrupt and abusive actions (on both sides).

This is the real power.

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