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Rules of Commenting

We base on the 1st amendment and this will be your simple basic commenting. Register 1 time, comment freely as per our terms and conditions, we will not censor, and or delete you, unless you violate 1 or more of our 4 rules.

Rules: No calls for others to commit violence, no emergency declaration that is happening/about to happen (yelling fire in a movie theatre), violence threats/comments, and no direct partisan comments (no bashing Democrats, Republicans, any former or current President including Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, etc…/ and this no direct partisan comment prohibition also includes any declarations of you saying that you’re not going to call this political party ignorant, hateful, stupid, American hating, race hating, etc…inside your own comment – if you state that you’re not going to say it – and then you use that specificity, of the partisan comment contained inside, as described herein – then, we deem you as saying the partisan comment and thus is a violation.

*However, you can bash any “active” (active) U.S Senator and any U.S Representative (and any State Representative/Senator), that has not signed the pledge/not made a full public declaration on their government website/or by way of the major social media websites, to a full open commitment to pledge (subject to our website terms/this is mandatory to be accepted as a pledge), in supporting all of these amendments.

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