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Guidelines of Conduct and Perspective

Remember this: We support the 1st amendment and free speech (no physical threats/calls for violence/ are tolerated, while leaving sexually harassing graphic comments/insulting religions/peoples weight, etc…is 1st amendment protected activity –so your nasty comment very well may stay, we also reserve the right to block the people who post things of this nature). Remember, this website is about all of us being on the same team. Take your partisan fighting off of this website. Do not get bothered or upset by any posts/comments/or anything else on this website. People will frequently say things that we do not like or care for, or things that we strongly do not agree with. So what? Do not empower meaningless verbal phrases or words to taint or negatively affect your happiness. The middle/the mutually agreed, the mutually impassioned, is what can best and quickest, improve our country. The common ground and the agreeable middle, with action, full support by all of us, is the strongest and successful combatant against the government and corporate/greed and tyranny. Ignore stupid comments, avoid being partisan, remind others to do the same, remind them politely, and repeatedly, and, support others that are engaged in curbing partisanship for these proposed amendments/legislation.

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