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Transparency in food production

Transparency in food production

All slaughter houses of animals must be audio and videotaped, in a clear visual and clear audio video, from at least 4 different camera angles/more than 55° apart from each and every other camera, and must be live streamed, to a main government website that the public has an option to view – 24/7 access to viewing.

Each slaughter house/that kills animals for the eventual/direct or indirect purpose of food to be consumed by humans and or other animals ideally, or anything of the sort, the actual slaughter area shall have 4 separate video cameras/more than 55 degrees apart, with clear unobstructed viewing/panned out enough for full clear and concise viewing that shows a 5ft-10ft area around the slaughter action, and another video camera(s) in the directions from which the animals are brought to be slaughtered, showing a clear and concise 40 yard view or longer of the animals path in the direction that any animal is brought from, on the animals traveling path to the slaughter action area. Each video camera shall be running and functioning, and the audio shall be active and recorded live streamed so that a person with normal hearing can clearly and concisely hear the activities happening, while live streaming to a government website, for those who wish to watch it. These videos will be categorized in a systematic easy to find web page, with links, identifying each slaughter house by legal name, food brand name, and location/city/state/and searchable by all 4 independently and or collectively (name/city/state). Each slaughter house will register as the same name as their legal corporate name and a sub category for their labeled brand on their product being sold to the consumer. Each calendar date will be a separate video, stored on the government website so it is easily accessible to retrieve by date, and any other secondary or independent slaughter machines/mechanisms, will be sub categorized as label slaughter station b, then the next one c, then d, then etc…, and if necessary go to the lettering of double a (aa, then bb, then cc, etc…). Any slaughter house that fails to abide by this legislation is subject to penalties, and whistleblowers are also eligible to collect monies. Any slaughter house that is in violation of this statute, that is notified with documented proof of their violation, they shall have 14 days to fully remedy this matter. Upon a continued failure after 14 days, and upon a 2nd documented notification afterwards, the slaughterhouse will have 5 days to remedy and upon a failure after those 5 days there shall be a $3,000,000 penalty and the slaughter house must be in compliance within 7 days after the end of the 5 day remedy period. If the failure is still not remedied, the slaughterhouse will be fined $1,000,000 per day, plus all costs, fees, legal fees, and punitive damages. If a slaughterhouse has been non-compliant of this legislation for more than 75 days in a ten year period, they shall be permanently shut down, all board members shall be prohibited to be in the slaughterhouse industry and if violated shall be a 5-15 year prison sentence, no house arrest, minimum of 3 years served in a prison. In the event of Acts of Nature/Utility destruction/malfunction/government hosting website is faulty, and any other reasonable extreme massive situation that would prevent  a slaughterhouse from reasonably being able to stay compliant/by no reasonable fault of the slaughterhouse whatsoever, this shall keep the slaughterhouse exempt from penalties or accumulated counted non-compliance days. Whistleblowers are eligible to collect monies when this legislation is violated. If the (whistleblower and or plaintiff loses – the whistleblower is only at risk if they were the sole plaintiff/if the whistleblower was not the sole plaintiff/the solely direct injured party/then the whistleblower has qualified immunity protection from all costs, fees, of any sort, in any capacity), the defendant and or government employee (herein defendant) fully prevails by judicial verdict/is victorious/found not to be liable in any capacity, by a judge’s order and verdict/jury verdict, then the defendant is entitled to be awarded all of their legal fees, costs, and all eligible awards and monies that they were facing/at risk to pay/in this legislation/and, the judge shall be eligible to award these monies to the defendant/and, fine these costs upon the Plaintiff. (government employee only)  The government may reimburse solely the government employee’s legal fees/legal fees only/nothing else of any sort, so long as the government employee prevailed by judicial verdict as described herein. The Plaintiff in this same scenario/if the judicial verdict is in favor of the government employee/the plaintiff would face all the same collectability risk(these monies/debts/ shall not be dischargeable in bankruptcy, all bank accounts and pensions are subject to being seized and or garnished, etc…). The onus for the defendant to prevail, to be awarded monies, is a burden of proof upon the government employee, therefore a verdict/decision, signed by a judge, declaring that the defendant/government employee was absolutely free of all liability/wrong doing, is required for the defendant to be eligible to be awarded and collect monies. Any form of settlement, does not meet this threshold for any award of monies on either side beyond the terms and conditions agreed upon in the executed settlement agreement.

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Many animals are brutally tortured, and die a slow death in slaughter houses:

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