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Freedom to film

Freedom to film

Filming inside any and all publicly paid for buildings, in areas accessible to the public, except military installations, is allowed, without exception, including court buildings in any jurisdiction, police stations, city halls, all government employees are subject to be filmed, and any filming of any government employee that is behind a counter/desk that they/or a member of their party/group are not interacting with/have no business with/shall be more than 6 feet away from that government employee/unless for whistleblower purposes, in which a whistleblower/potential whistleblower believes that the government employee is sleeping/cheating tax payers/etc…

Any party to any lawsuit (plaintiff/civil defendant/criminal defendant) shall have the right to audio and video record all hearings and proceedings, without exception, with 2 separate video and audio cameras, from 2 distinct different locations in the courtroom. Any party may appoint a person for each camera to insure the steadiness/clarity/and effectiveness, and maintain themselves with that device. In the event of any confidential restricted information, A judge can place a judicial court order for any specific parties to redact information before publishing it, this order must contain precise specificity of exactly what is to be redacted/anything not clear and concise shall be publishable and free from any penalty from any judge. This shall commence in 3 months from the enactment of this legislation.

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Should we be allowed to record our interactions with public employees (paid by our tax dollars), hold them accountable, in our publicly paid for buildings in publicly accessible areas?

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