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Legislation simplification and accountability

Legislation simplification and accountability

All Legislative Bills will be easy simple language, less than 10 pages, each paragraph will have a designated declared elected representative(s) declaring accountability and that they personally wrote thatIf the (whistleblower and or plaintiff loses – the whistleblower is only at risk if they were the sole plaintiff/ paragraph, the elected representative will post in advance on the internet their intended future upcoming vote of yes or no for the Bill, which will be posted online for the constituents to see their intended vote.

All Legislative Bills, Federal, State, County, and Municipal (with the exception of immediate imminent danger of life – separately, Financial Bills, Spending Bills, Layoff/employment and or Bills to name a new post Office, or whether hotels can demand I.D, or voting on where to have lunch today, or voting to end strikes/walkouts, etc.. are all deemed non immediate danger of life), shall be no more than 10 pages, will be less than 1500 words, in simple easy to understand English, shall be posted online, all on the same designated website for the public to view these Bills before they are voted on, and shall also have a link to this website that will be posted clearly and concisely on every government home webpage of that federal/State/County/Municipality that it regulates, on both the top right corner, and the top left corner of the home page of the website – that is clearly conspicuously marked. All bills subject to this amendment, will be voted on 21 days after the bill is posted to this website, and not before. All politicians who are eligible to vote on this Bill must declare their intended vote of yes (yay) or Nay (no) (not pending/not maybe/not unsure/etc…) within 10 days of the bill being voted on, and these votes must be displayed on the same website within 6 days after the politician is required to declare their intended vote. Entering data, and posting on the websites and web pages as described herein, regarding all information received as described herein, shall not be privately outsourced. There will also be a link on these pages in the upper right hand corner that is labeled as archived voting history of all politicians (as subject to this relevant venue/jurisdiction), which shall encompass easy to search voting records for each topic voted on, and also by each politician as to how they voted on each topic.

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