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Expose corrupt government employees

Expose corrupt government employees

Revealing any corrupt or potentially corrupt government employees/including police/ that resign before administrative discipline is implemented and or decided/and or before investigations are completed and the government employee(s) go and later apply to get hired at a new unsuspecting government agency/department. There will be a national database of ‘all” government employees, local, state, and federal, that the public can access, and view, to see all filed complaints against any and all government employees, including police, and the result and disciplinary action, any lawsuits filed, and what the settlement and or verdict terms were finalized as. The complaints, disciplinary actions, settlement terms, and verdicts, shall never be blocked or classified. This legislation will include all Federal, State, and Local government employees. The only persons eligible to be classified from this database shall be CIA, and, Military.

All local and state agencies shall submit such relevant information to the federal government, immediately. This shall be fully implemented within 18 months of this legislation. There shall be a link on the home page of every government website, that directly leads to this database website.

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Should we have an online system to prevent a government employee, after resigning quickly, to get another government job somewhere else while under criminal investigation?

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