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Email mandatory for commerce

Government email enforcement

Any and all Banks, Insurance companies, Doctors Offices, Credit and or Debit Card Merchants, publicly funded hospitals, and also any Businesses that accepts payments over the internet, and or any business that has a government contract, must have an active working email address – and a phone number –and a physical address posted on their home page of their website to receive disputes/not a portal/so consumers can document their dispute and protect themselves, and having full transparency of their dispute, to protect them if legal action is taken, by either side.  These  must be posted on the home page, both in 2 spots -the upper right corner and the lower right corner, prominently, clearly and concisely displayed, this must not be a portal, this website must be active and operational, and is a lawfully receiving email

to receive disputes, and if this email address/phone number/physical address is defunct, whereby a person is unable to successfully email or call because of the unavailable or non-fully operable email address and or phone number to call, and or if the physical address is non-existent, -and or if any of these are not properly posted, than the offending party shall be subject to pay the person who could not send the email of their dispute, $50-$200 per incident, plus legal fees, and court costs, and other reasonable  expenses to recoup these monies – for the 1st 3 offenses, then, the penalties are $1,000 – $5,000 per offense thereafter, plus legal fees, and court costs, and other reasonable  expenses to recoup these monies. The party alleging to be violated must give a written 14 day notice to the alleged offending party, before filing suit. Any Federal, state, or local court can have this case heard, and is appropriate venue and jurisdiction. The party violated must have substantial proof such as video of their email attempts, and dates documented in a documentable fashion, and or video with a cc email to another email address with video proof that the email was successfully received by the 3rd party email address, and or video of attempts and witnesses. Witnesses alone is not sufficient evidence. There is no allowable cause of action against these entities mentioned herein during natural disasters, or full power outages confirmed in writing by a utility company by way of a penalty of perjury affidavit, and in-person testimony under oath, by a utility executive representative. The person/the pursuing party, must have had this challenge occur, and fully documented, for a minimum of 3 business days in a row, and if still challenged as mentioned herein, then they have legal standing to take legal action and be eligible for damages mentioned herein. The offender will either be payroll deducted/garnished if still employed/and all assets shall be frozen until the whistleblowers monies are paid in full/if applicable, also, these fines and fees against the offender is not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy, or any other manner, there is no statute of limitations, there are no bank accounts, monies, property, retirement accounts, trust funds, or other property or accounts that can be protected, as all these accounts are subject to be frozen/seized/sold if necessary, until such time as all fines, fees, costs, legal and other, are fully satisfied. The government/tax payers shall not pay for the legal defense of the person alleged to have violated this legislation. Any attorney working for or representing the government shall not be permitted to represent the person(s)(government employee/elected official/appointee) accused of violating this legislation.  This action can be brought in local, State, and or Federal court, of the relevant region, for enforceable court action. A small claims court, shall now have an exception for these whistleblower type cases as included/defined herein, to expand the limit to $200,000, including all costs/fees/ legal fees/interest/penalties/ damages/etc…whereby a whistleblower could have their matter heard. All small claim whistleblower matters shall be heard, in 4 months or less for the trial. Whistleblowers receive their 50% of the monies/as it comes in/half is continually diverted to the whistleblower. If the (whistleblower and or plaintiff loses – the whistleblower is only at risk if they were the sole plaintiff/if the whistleblower was not the sole plaintiff/the solely direct injured party/then the whistleblower has qualified immunity protection from all costs, fees, of any sort, in any capacity), the defendant and or government employee (herein defendant) fully prevails by judicial verdict/is victorious/found not to be liable in any capacity, by a judge’s order and verdict/jury verdict, then the defendant is entitled to be awarded all of their legal fees, costs, and all eligible awards and monies that they were facing/at risk to pay/in this legislation/and, the judge shall be eligible to award these monies to the defendant/and, fine these costs upon the Plaintiff. (government employee only)  The government may reimburse solely the government employee’s legal fees/legal fees only/nothing else of any sort, so long as the government employee prevailed by judicial verdict as described herein. The Plaintiff in this same scenario/if the judicial verdict is in favor of the government employee/the plaintiff would face all the same collectability risk(these monies/debts/ shall not be dischargeable in bankruptcy, all bank accounts and pensions are subject to being seized and or garnished, etc…). The onus for the defendant to prevail, to be awarded monies, is a burden of proof upon the government employee, therefore a verdict/decision, signed by a judge, declaring that the defendant/government employee was absolutely free of all liability/wrong doing, is required for the defendant to be eligible to be awarded and collect monies. Any form of settlement, does not meet this threshold for any award of monies on either side beyond the terms and conditions agreed upon in the executed settlement agreement.

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