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Strip qualified immunity from government employees

Strip qualified immunity from government employees

If a public employee, elected official (current or former) is personally sued by actions as a direct result of their behavior while in the course of their government duty, in which they were warned that their actions are illegal/unlawful, and if the government employee still continues and conducts their actions which unlawfully hurts or abuses a citizen, which later results in a ruling in favor of the plaintiff, the public employee/elected official shall pay their fair share of the verdict amount(fractioned out based on number of defendant parties that were found by a court to be negligent and or owe damages to a plaintiff).

The government employee(s) qualified immunity is fully stripped, they are to be fined, and be responsible for court costs, other costs, damages, and punitive damages, if they violated a citizens rights as described herein. These awarded monies, if not immediately paid within 30 days of the verdict (whether appealed or not/if appealed then said monies paid by the government worker shall go into a court appointed escrow account). The offender will pay, and will either be payroll deducted/garnished if still employed/and all assets shall be frozen until the whistleblowers monies are paid in full, these fines and fees against the offender is not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy, or any other manner, there is no statute of limitations, there are no bank accounts, monies, property, retirement accounts, trust funds, or other that can be protected, as all these accounts are subject to be frozen/seized/sold if necessary, until such time as all fines, fees, costs, legal and other, are fully satisfied. These monies cannot be charitably paid or gifted by the government for the employee. The government upon losing such a case shall automatically pay their portion of this calculated fraction. This action can be brought in local, State, and or Federal court, of the relevant region, for enforceable court action. A small claims court, has an exception for these whistleblower cases defined herein, to expand the limit to $200,000, including all costs/fees/ legal fees/interest/damages/etc…whereby a whistleblower could have their matter heard. All small claim whistleblower matters shall be heard, in 4 months or less for the trial. If the matter involves a government employee/than if the government is initially paying for the legal defense of the alleged offender, the offender must have 50% of these costs in escrow with the court/or the government is not allowed to front/pay for their legal counsel initially. The minimum penalty is a $250 fine and there is no maximum cap for violating this legislation.


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If a government employee breaks the law in the course of their duty, and gets sued, should our tax payers continue to have to pay for the government employee's attorneys?

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