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Qualified minimum wage

The new minimum wage in this country for all adults that works full time shall be increased to $9.25 per hour, but keep reading,…

full time as defined is working over an average of 35 hours, per week, consistently worked, equating to over 85% of their employment time they worked over 35 hours/per week, to the same business/and or building/building premises area, if the owner has changed, who are covered under the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Any adult who has consistently worked full time for the same business/location for more than 2 years shall be compensated for no less than $11.25 per hour, and if consistently working full time at the same location/same business as covered herein, for 4 years or more they shall be compensated at $13.25 or more. The 2 years and 4 years are implemented in a retroactive form, therefore, are automatically credited to eligible employees, immediately. This shall take effect 60 days after the passing of this legislation. Whistleblowers are allowed to be compensated under this legislation. In the event an employer violates this legislation, they shall be fined an additional $35 for each hour, of each person that is underpaid, plus costs, plus legal fees. plus costs, legal costs, and any and all associated fees, The offender shall have any and all assets frozen all fines/fees/costs are paid, these fines and fees against the offender is not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy, or any other manner, there is no statute of limitations, there are no bank accounts, monies, property, retirement accounts, trust funds, or other that can be protected, as all these accounts are subject to be frozen/seized/sold if necessary, until such time as all fines, fees, costs, legal and other, are fully satisfied. This action can be brought in local, State, and or Federal court, of the relevant region, for enforceable court action. A small claims court, shall now have an exception for these whistleblower cases defined herein, to expand the limit to $200,000, including all costs/fees/ legal fees/interest/ penalties/ damages/etc…whereby a whistleblower could have their matter heard. All small claim whistleblower matters shall be heard, in 4 months or less for the trial. Whistleblowers receive their 50% of the monies/as it comes in/half is continually diverted to the whistleblower.

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