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Pharmaceutical choice for all citizens

Pharmaceutical choice for all citizens

Every Citizen shall be allowed to purchase their legal pharmaceutical drugs and legal prescription drugs, from any other country, if they so choose, at their own risk, in addition to the USA.

Additionally, any drug that has to be administered by a license professional, is still required to do so. In the event that new legislation is passed so that citizens shall not be charged more than 30% above the lowest sale amount paid by a person in any other country (what the actual person pays/not necessarily the reimbursements by government/insurance/coupon or other factoring discounts or co-pay), it shall be whatever is the lowest price paid and or charged, in the spirit that citizens will not pay more than 30% for drugs, above anyone else in the world.

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While Big Pharma can Jack up prices by over 2800% on a medical drug:

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  • Orville Gnert
    Orville Gnert
    September 16, 2019 at 10:49 PM

    The proposed amendment itself – essentially free market for pharmaceuticals – is sound. However, I think the “30% rule” overcomplicates things due to currency fluctuations between nations, and different types of (costly) regulations in different nations, as well as the “apples to oranges” issue of drugs manufactured outside the purview of the FDA. Can we really say with confidence that, say, Viagra produced in Southeast Asia is the same product as produced in the USA? With enough confidence to be able to insist on price fixing?

    Naw. I say stick with making it legal – at the end user’s own risk. Just doing that will increase competition and bring prices into line – if anyone still believes in capitalism anymore. 😉

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