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Court fines and fees spent for court purposes only

Full legal settlement / verdict transparency for politicians and staff

Court fines, fees, costs, of any sort, for any court action, shall not be allocated to any other agency/entity, and these funds must only be used for matters inside the court, court building for court purposes only.

not for general or overlapping expenses (examples, the police – no, – – court room security inside the court room – yes, – –  if security is working in the building, but also is securing for other agencies in that building – then, no – – for judicial assistants and administrators working on court matters only, then yes – If administrators are working part time of their time, on non-judicial matters, then, no, for that select time). Probation costs, fines, etc… will also only be used for probation matters only, in the same fashion style relating to probation, as mentioned above for court fees, costs, of any sort.

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Did you know that in many places, the revenue from government fines actually get spread around to different agencies, funding unrelated expenditures. Should this be changed?

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