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Set modern speed limits

Set modern speed limits

Speed limit 95/85/75 for cars/SUV’s, Vans, Jeeps/Pick-Up Trucks/vehicles that have 3 axles or more.

On all Federal Interstates, more than 3 miles outside any municipality, city, township, etc…, and that is not in any area (within 3 miles) of dangerous curves, areas of poor visibility –which can be determined by the State, also, outside of hills/mountains/areas of high altitudes over 1500 feet, and the interstate has a minimum of 3 driving lanes in a single same direction, – The maximum speed limit (mph miles per hour) for cars, shall be 95mph, and – 85Mmph for /SUV’s, Vans, Jeeps/Pick-Up Trucks/, – and for vehicles that have 3 axles or more shall have a maximum mph of 75mph. All other remaining areas, including State Highways, to designate the specified mph, and shall not exceed the mph limits of 95/85/75 as described herein, the State(s) shall decide for these areas, the other speed limits.

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On Interstate Highways with a minimum of 3 lanes in each direction, well outside city limits, for autos/SUV, Pick up, jeeps, Vans/Trucks 3 axles or more, should we change the speed limits to:

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