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Consumer information rights for all bank / credit card transactions

Consumer information rights for all bank / credit card transactions

Any Business, Merchant, or any entity that is not a sole  person, that electronically takes money out of a bank debit/bank credit card account, and or other bank account,  – the credit card merchant, and the bank itself, must give full disclosure to the bank and to the consumer/via the bank statement, made immediately available electronically, as to the withdrawer’s legal name, a description of what was purchased, a valid phone number – and valid email address.

If this information is not provided/or immediately inaccurate, or not operable, then the non-compliant party will be responsible for all the consumers costs, and legal fees, and the customer will automatically win the dispute. The consumer must supply documentation/and or video proof to support their claim to prevail in court. This will become in full force 12 months after being enacted/to allow the banks/merchants/businesses to technologically prepare. In the event that a consumer takes any and all violators of this statute to court, the consumer shall receive an award of $4,000 plus all legal fees, costs, court costs, and punitive damages. Whistleblowers are allowed to collect fees for this legislation. The offender shall have any and all assets frozen, all fines/fees/legal fees, other costs, shall be paid by the offender. The offender will either be payroll deducted/garnished if still employed/and all assets shall be frozen until the whistleblowers monies are paid in full/if applicable, also, these fines and fees against the offender is not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy, or any other manner, there is no statute of limitations, there are no bank accounts, monies, property, retirement accounts, trust funds, or other property or accounts that can be protected, as all these accounts are subject to be frozen/seized/sold if necessary, until such time as all fines, fees, costs, legal and other, are fully satisfied. This action can be brought in local, State, and or Federal court, of the relevant region, for enforceable court action. A small claims court, shall now have an exception for these whistleblower type cases as included/defined herein, to expand the limit to $200,000, including all costs/fees/ legal fees/interest/penalties/ damages/etc…whereby a whistleblower could have their matter heard. All small claim whistleblower matters shall be heard, in 4 months or less for the trial. Whistleblowers receive their 50% of the monies/as it comes in/half is continually diverted to the whistleblower.

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