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Government-wide term limits

Government-wide term limits

Term limits for all elected  government officials in any area (Federal, State, County, Municipal, etc…), each person elected to a specified elected position, shall be restricted to a maximum of 2 terms if those term positions are either 4 year or 6 year elected terms, for that specific elected, and a maximum of 6 times if the elected term is for 2 years, as to those specific elected  position(s) in their lifetime, with a maximum of 20 years total for holding any and all elected positions of government –in any and all capacities, separately and or collectively, for all areas of government

No person shall ever serve as an appointed or elected official, for more than 20 years cumulatively, in any capacity, except for U.S Supreme Court Judges, without exception. For Federal and State Appellate Judges and State Supreme court Judges, they may be appointed for a maximum of one 8 year term, and may be allowed to serve another 8 year term by way of a contested election in the jurisdiction that they serve. The maximum cap of judicial judge service is 16 years, separately and or collectively, including appointed and elected judgeships, this 16 year cap is for their entire lifetime’s/except for the U.S supreme Court Judges.) No person may ever serve more than 16 years cumulatively as a Judge/except SCOTUS, and any and all persons are disqualified for being a candidacy of being a judge/and being a judge, in any capacity, if they ever have served as a government employee for more than 4 years, in any arena of government. All of these term limits are to start from scratch, from the date of this enactment, except for any politician or appointed official who has served for more than 20 years, as of 7 years into the future of this enactment. Any person who has served as an appointee or elected official for more than 20 years – after 7 years from the enactment of this legislation, you are immediately and automatically fired at that point, without exception and may not run for office or be appointed to any government position, at all, ever again.

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  • Tamika Jones
    Tamika Jones
    August 18, 2019 at 04:14 PM

    We need term limits. I like your idea about the 20 year total cumulative limit, for any and all elected positions. These career old politicians have done nothing great for us, but they focused on, and achieved, getting themselves, and their family members, super rich.

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