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This movement/website is for Democrats, Republicans, and everyone in between.

Do not get overwhelmed by all the content. Remember, we have all seen political nonprofit websites and movements, for a single purpose issue, (term limits/campaign reform, other), and for decades, virtually all of them never worked/went anywhere/nor got anything accomplished.

Please understand that this movement is designed to support all of these other failed causes in a legal and polite way – yet be fiercely uncomfortable for lazy corrupt politicians, to now be finally accountable/and to enact state Amendments.

Read these proposed amendments/legislations together with your friends or family. Discuss what kind of changes, these  legislations, and others like these, can bring to all of us? Is there a better way to force our politicians to actually work for our best interest? Send us your ideas for new legislation. We can create a survey, get comments. and maybe implement them in this group of proposed amendments/legislation, or add them into the next group of legislations.

Congratulations to us, we just launched September 11th, 2019. Join us.

We are on a mission to crush so many, that abuse their power against us/we the people. To try and explain all this in a brief written intro, would be a true injustice to the sheer power of this movement. Watch the videos first/that intrigue you, then peruse and interact with the website, and learn more. Please give us your feedback/constructive criticism, maybe you have your own ideas of future proposed legislation to submit to us, maybe you have candidates that you personally know that you want to introduce us too, and more…The tyrannical abusers want this shut down. The cause is just, if we grow real fast, they can never stop us. The video “Why This Will Work” shows the sheer genius of politician accountability, and where our truest power is, to make this all happen. Call/text/email your friends about this website. Please help or donate if you find this worthy. It is time to shock this entire country. Will you plug yourself in with us?

Why This Will Work

We Are 501(c)(4) Non Profit and Non Partisan.

We cannot make this happen without your help – get involved and make a difference now.

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